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Digital Cameras


Glitz Up Your Wedding with our glitzy favors, decorations and accessories...
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Blue Wedding Just Married Flip Flops

Blue Wedding Just Married Flip Flops

Ivory and Silver Wedding Rose Petals

Ivory and Silver Wedding Rose Petals

24 Pack of Wedding Cake Bubble Bottles

24 Pack of Wedding Cake Bubble Bottles

Ten Glitzy Adhesive Rhinestone Letters

Ten Adhesive Rhinestone Letters

Why Shop at WedGlitz.Com
Wed Glitz is your one-stop-shop for beautiful, unique and custom wedding favors, wedding accessories, and wedding decorations that are sure to delight everyone at your wedding. Wed Glitz is here to make sure your wedding day is that special day you planned so hard for and have dreamed of for so long.

We don't have to tell you that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life, and when it comes time to plan and put everything together for your special day, nothing matters more than making sure you have everything you need, and getting every detail just right.

At Wed Glitz we are here to help you make sure you have all the wedding accessories you need or could ever imagine - and maybe some you never even thought of! For years we have been helping couples find and get those special items that really add fun and a touch of class to any wedding and that will truly make your wedding a day you will remember forever. And we'll make sure you get them delivered on time and exactly the way you wanted them.

We offer a complete and very wide assortment of wedding favors, wedding accessories and wedding gifts. For your reception table, we have everything from place card holders, themed wedding cameras, candles, decorative flowers, gourmet coffee packets, floral stickers, labels and even organza gift bags for your guests to take their favors home in.

For your wedding attendants, we have a wide variety of special gifts such as cuff links, bath gift baskets, golf ball sets, earrings, socks, clocks and more. We even have flip flops, tee shirts and a wide variety of gifts for your bachelorette party.

Let's take a look at a few of our most popular items...

Wedding Cameras
We offer high quality, easy to use digital rental cameras for your guests to capture the moments the photographer may miss. Wedding cameras are a fantastic and really fun idea as a wedding gift or wedding favor, and your guests will love them. Not to mention how much fun everyone will have for years after your wedding, swapping and sharing all those pictures of your wedding day with each other! Our digital rental wedding cameras are one of our best sellers and are truly a must have for any wedding.

Wedding Bubbles
A great gift idea for your guests is unique wedding bubbles to use instead of rice after the ceremony! No hassles cleaning up wedding rice and our wedding bubbles are friendly to the environment. They come in 12 different styles to choose from, including beautiful silver bottles with a place card holder, champagne bottles, floral bubble bottles and more!

Boxed Wedding Flower Petals
Another great alternative to using rice for your wedding ceremony are our unique boxed wedding flower petal sets. We have a selection of eight different wedding flower gift boxes to choose from in different colors and styles. They come in sturdy clear plastic boxes that are trimmed with a beautiful ribbon and matching bow and filled with gorgeous colored wedding flower petals to use instead of rice.

Bridal Flip Flops
Bridal Flip Flops are one of our best wedding gift ideas for anyone having a beach wedding or honeymoon. Leave your imprint that says “Just Married” in the sand with our unique wedding flip flops that have “Just Married” cut out in the bottom. These cute flip flops come in four different styles and designs for you to choose from.

Wedding Coffee Packet Favors
Wedding Coffee Packet Favors are a great idea for a unique wedding favor to give out at your wedding. We have a beautiful selection of five different master-blended wedding coffee packets that your wedding guests will be sure to enjoy. Each one has a different design on the front and you can have them personalized for your wedding with each guest's first name and your wedding date at no additional cost!

Floral Wedding Reception and Gift Candles
We have a beautiful selection of floating floral paraffin wax wedding candles for you to choose from, to use as a place setting on your reception table, or to give as a gift for your guests to enjoy afterwards. We have nine candles to choose from, each in different colors and slightly different designs and shapes. Each of our floral shaped candles comes in a beautiful black box with a cover matching the color of the candle.

So feel free to browse the wedding products, wedding decorations and wedding favors in our storefront and then, when you're ready, ordering is as easy as filling out our simple shopping cart, or calling one of our representatives on the phone to discuss any of our products and place your order.